We're Scaling Ali Abdaal’s Business to $10 Million (Here’s How) | 035

Want to take your creator business to $10 million and beyond?

In this episode, Nathan interviews Ali Abdaal, the internet’s leading productivity expert, to explore the shift from a creator-focused model to a sustainable business, the pivotal role of the creator as a guide, and how to set measurable goals that drive growth.

Join us for a deep dive filled with actionable insights designed to help you efficiently scale your creator business to $300k, $1 million, and even $10 million+

00:00 Introduction
01:16 Metrics And Goals
10:12 You Are Not The Hero
11:54 $300k Vs $1 Million Business
28:48 Reflecting On The List
29:26 Mini Holdco Concept
39:29 Scaling Creator Businesses
45:03 What Skills Do You Need?
51:11 Effective Team Management
53:00 Time Management Strategies
59:33 Setting A Clear Vision And Timeline
01:01:09 Seeking Advice And Learning From Others
01:02:04 Closing Thoughts

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Berkshire Hathaway - https://www.berkshirehathaway.com/

03:04 Nathan's insights on revenue goals
17:39 Comparing strip malls and skyscrapers
21:57 Nathan still moves fast and breaks things
33:43 Solar System Model vs. Hierarchical Org Chart
36:45 Nathan's Billion Dollar Creator essay with Michael Hyatt
39:25 Scaling creator businesses beyond the core
53:32 How does Nathan manage his time?
We're Scaling Ali Abdaal’s Business to $10 Million (Here’s How) | 035
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