We're Finally Talking About It... Behind the Scenes of Our Rebrand | 034

ConvertKit is becoming Kit, and in this episode, Nathan is joined by Creative Director, Charli Prangley, for an in-depth discussion on the rebrand.

They explore why rebranding goes beyond a simple name change, the significance of aligning a company’s name with its broader vision, and the complexities of acquiring domains and other strategic assets.

Tune in as we navigate the challenges and emotional highs of rebranding, share candid reactions from the team and the public, and highlight the importance of transparency throughout the entire process.


00:00 Introduction
01:05 ConvertKit Is Rebranding
10:39 Rebranding in Public
14:51 Hiring an Agency
17:17 What Does It Mean to Rebrand?
20:05 Crafting the Announcement
30:43 Dreams Realized
36:06 Reflecting on the Company’s Growth
39:22 Rebranding in Public
41:42 Honest Reactions
43:54 Concerns About the New Name
52:30 Acquisitions and Expanding the Brand
59:20 The Future of Kit

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Featured in this episode:
ConvertKit (Kit) - https://convertkit.com/
Craft and Commerce - https://conference.convertkit.com/
Koto - https://koto.studio/
Jon Youshaei - https://www.youtube.com/@youshaei/
Ali Abdaal - https://www.youtube.com/@aliabdaal/
Terry Rice - https://terryrice.co/


10:22 Rebranding and teaching everything you know
13:29 Almost every creator goes through a rebrand
19:31 Why Nathan loves the name Kit
30:32 Everything I’ve dreamt of is coming to life
37:02 Who is Craft & Commerce for?
45:42 Reflecting on Apple’s name change
56:19 What does it actually mean to be a “creator”?
We're Finally Talking About It... Behind the Scenes of Our Rebrand | 034
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