I Scaled to $40M Using Creator Flywheels (Here's How) | 032

When your systems are set up correctly, everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Over time, you experience faster growth, less effort, and increased profitability.

This week’s episode is a must-watch masterclass on Creator Flywheels—the exact system Nathan used to scale ConvertKit to $40M per year.

Reflecting on past conversations with guests, we explore how implementing flywheels can transform linear processes into self-sustaining cycles of productivity and profit. Learn the steps to set up your own flywheel and discover six real-world examples from top creators, including Sahil Bloom, Codie Sanchez, Rachel Rodgers, and more.

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Defining Flywheels
02:04 Backstory of Flywheels
03:23 Three Laws of Flywheels
04:54 Nathan's Content Creation Flywheel
06:46 Sahil Bloom's Newsletter Flywheel
12:12 What Makes A Good Flywheel?
14:50 Storygrid's Publishing Flywheel
18:35 Rachel Rodgers' Coaching Flywheel
23:00 Tiago Forte's Implementer Flywheel
29:37 Simon Severino's Podcast Flywheel
33:11 How To Create Your Own Creator Flywheel

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Jim Collins “Good to Great”: https://a.co/d/hrLx7Lp
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Contrarian Thinking: https://contrarianthinking.co/

00:32 Nathan uses Flywheels to challenge the common idea that scaling your business means more effort
06:46 Nathan shares his favourite Creator Flywheel: Sahil Bloom’s million subscriber flywheel
13:19 Two important things to remember when creating a flywheel
33:13 How to start creating flywheels?
I Scaled to $40M Using Creator Flywheels (Here's How) | 032
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