$3M to $40M: An Unfiltered Conversation with My Ex COO | 031

In this episode, Nathan is joined by Barrett Brooks, his former Chief Operating Officer at ConvertKit, for a candid discussion on why Barrett left the company.

They explore the nuances of co-leadership, celebrate their biggest achievements, and reflect on lessons learned and what they wish they had done differently.

Join us for in-depth learnings on strategic decision-making, compensation strategies, and the company culture at ConvertKit.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Why Barrett Left ConvertKit
05:26 Lessons Learned and Strategic Insights
13:45 Performance Management
15:39 Feedback Culture and Team Dynamics
33:08 Trust and Agency in Leadership
47:26 Compensation and Benefits Structure
58:24 Leveraging Influential Creators for Brand Growth
01:14:14 Reflecting on Leadership and Team Dynamics
01:26:27 Personal Branding and Content Creation
01:34:05 Closing Thoughts

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04:37 Nathan on the importance of “taking your seat as the leader.”
06:43 How to build confidence, learning as you grow
08:00 Nathan and Barrett should’ve made faster decisions
13:48 The median performance you tolerate becomes the expectation
15:39 Polarity as counteracting forces that work together
18:02 Companies outgrowing employees
31:31 Toxic feedback triangles
33:08 Trust adults to be adults (allow employees to act in their agency)
35:38 Building strong relationships by listening
40:56 Unsolicited feedback
47:26 Pros and cons of different compensation and incentive strategies at ConvertKit
01:00:14 Nike sponsored athletes model
01:08:50 Barrett’s advice for ConvertKit: “be the advocates for your own story.”
01:14:40 Reboot’s 4 questions for dealing with conflict
$3M to $40M: An Unfiltered Conversation with My Ex COO | 031
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