You Can Be a Billion Dollar Creator

Hi, this is Rachel Rodgers. My co-host, Nathan Barry, and I believe you can be a billion dollar creator. In our own quest to build a billion dollar company, we've studied dozens of creators and seen how entrepreneurs have built a traditional audience and used it as a launching pad for a massive business. It's no surprise that the majority of billionaires in the world are self-made. It got us thinking. If it can happen for them, it can happen for us. If it can happen for us, then why not you?

As independent creators and seasoned entrepreneurs, we've seen firsthand that it's not only possible but absolutely attainable. But there's a reason why the traditional business community doesn't value these resources. It's not because they are foolish or snobby. It's because that's not how companies are valued.

Creators know better than anyone the art of capturing attention. And you know what? Attention has value. On Billion Dollar Creator, we're taking that attention to a new level. We'll explore creators who've made the decision to pull their business to higher heights, and see how it paid off in a big way. Wild successes and the missed opportunities, the grand gestures, and the integral mistakes.
And through that, help you become an expert at building your audience on your journey a billion dollar creator. After all, there are no rules to this thing.

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You Can Be a Billion Dollar Creator
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